A photoillustration is created when photographic elements are used to create an image that was never captured by any camera. When I first started making these images, I would join my star field photographs with planetary images downloaded from NASA web sites. Although I took care not to violate NASA's image use restrictions as published on each web site, it always bothered me that I was creating images using work that was not 100 percent mine. (Though my tax dollars did fund the creation of those elements, and quite a bit of computer work was required to enhance and prepare those images.)

This persistent nagging of my overdeveloped conscience finally gave me the excuse I needed to go out and buy a 3D software package called Bryce. If I didn't like using NASA planetary images, then by god I was going to learn to make my own.

The first two images on this page were created using NASA planetary images. All the rest, like the banner image at the top of this page, are computer generated.

Please click on each thumbnail image to view a new page with a larger version and text about the creation of that image.


Mars & Milky Way Earth & Milky Way
Mars with Lens Flair Ringed Planet
Gas Giant with Moon MACHO
Nebula & Planet Nebula & Star
Moon Rise Moon Rise Jupiter and Saturn Jupiter & Saturn
Jupiter, Io & Galileo Probe

Jupiter, Io, & Galileo Probe


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